Reinforced repeatedly bending the rules of editing machine First, check the mechanical performance is good, the table and the table to maintain the level bending machine; and ready for all kinds of mandrel tool block. Second, according to the diameter and bending machines, 6×4 dasion 8cbm concrete mixer truck steel processing requirements installed mandrel forming axis, iron shaft gear or a variable fences, mandrel diameter should be 2.5 times the bar diameter. Third, check the mandrel, the stopper, the turntable should be no damage and cracks, securing reliable shield, confirm normal machine operation by air before the operation. Fourth, when the job will need to bend rebar inserted in one end of the fixed turntable with a gap, and the other end is fixed and hand pressed against the body, inspection body fixed, Indeed reinforced security in the side of the block before starting. Five non-replacement of jobs and change the angle of the mandrel and the governor and other operations, nor refueling or removal. Sixth, bending steel, non-mechanical processing 4×2 3m3 dasion concrete mixer truck of more than a predetermined bar diameter, root number and mechanical speed. Seven high bending stiffness or low alloy steel, machinery nameplate should be a maximum limit for standard diameter, and replace the corresponding spindle. Eight, prohibited within the operating radius of curved steel and the body does not have a fixed side stop people. Curved good semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, hooks shall not be upward. Nine, turntable commutation, must be carried out after it stops. Ten, the job is finished, clean up the site, maintenance machinery, power lockbox GW-42A-bend bending hoop machine features: GW-42A-bend bending hoop machine is equipped with 90-degree and 135 degree foot switch, both quickly locate bent, but super strong bending hoop. Available Bolt arbitrary angle adjustment, each hole spacing of 5 degrees. Rugged slide bezel design, effectively reduce the bending load of the motor. Splined eccentric gap adjustment mechanism, can quickly adjust the working gap. The machine has a dust-tight design, can effectively reduce the foreign matter jamming work tray, improve stability. Using pressure-type clutch, ce concrete batch plant concrete mixer concrete mixing plant hzs50 clutch accurate, fast response and can work at low temperatures. High quality alloy steel gear using semi-circular design, to ensure no winding dangerous bend. Gear unique open architecture, large capacity, simple structure, no special maintenance, extremely easy to use.